Credit Card Fraud Detection Microservice on AWS

Kafka and Apache Streaming based scalable credit card fraud detection pipeline.

Smart Door

A Serverless Image based Authentication System built in Amazon Kinesis and Amazon Rekognition.

Restaurant Recommendation Micro Service

A Serverless Bot for giving tailored restaurant suggestions based on cuisine type/location from Yelp using Amazon Lex, Amazon SQS/SNS.

YouTube Face DataSet Backdoor Detection

VAE and other methods for idetifying backdoored images in a given dataset.

Heddler [WIP]

A Smart Content Creation Tool.

Chalk It Out

Building a smart and live content creation and teaching platform using WebRTC and Mux Streaming over RTMP. Try here

Machine Learning Algorithms

Implementation and detailed study of popular Machine Learning Algorithms/Adversarial Attacks/Spam Filters.

Adaptive Wiener Filters

Locally Adaptive Wiener Filters for Image Denoising. Try here

Branch Predictor

2 bit saturated branch predictor with BHR (Branch History Register)

Scheduling Algorithm

Implemented a notebook for optimal scheduling given a CSV with a list of activities. Try here

Gesture Recognition Embedded Application

Implemented a LCS match between sequences of gestures to create a Gesture Recognition Application using the micro-controller SAMD21 and sensor MPU6050

Clicked Outside

HOC to blur out, remove focus from a component and make it inactive by clicking outside. Try here or install using
npm i @bit/rishiraj824.react-components.clicked-outside

Sol United

Sol-United is a B2C solution for Innogy where Innogy’s Customers are Producers and Consumers of Power. We used Ethereum smart contract for the transactions between users.

SUSI Web Chat

Google Summer of Code 2017 Project, under FOSSASIA. To view more about this project go to


Analyse and Manage important insights and scores gathered during an HR Interview. Try here

Back in time 2015-17

Loklak Search Frontend

Open Source Contributor in FOSSASSIA for making the Frontend of Loklak API on Angular 2.0

VIT Admissions Concept Website

Built the frontend for this app on Angular 1.0. View the app here -

VIT Business School Concept Website

Built the frontend for this app on Angular 1.0. View the app here -

Riviera 17 Frontend App

Website for the college event Riviera 2017. View the app here -

Fitsquare App Landing Page

Concept Landing Page for the startup Fitsquare. View the app here -