That day I was traveling in an almost empty subway and I realized as the train stopped at stations people started taking spaces in empty long seats where there was no human first then filled up the ones where they had to share that seat beside another human. And while they were sitting beside the humans they sat unconsciously at irregular spaces between themselves and the human already sitting such that no one else could occupy space in between them. Just like the people who were now coming in the next stops were either standing or asking people to make space for them, in life people don’t really care about the space you are leaving behind after taking a seat, it’s the person coming next who makes space for himself by urging the people to make space for them.

Opportunities in life will only come if you make space for it and there would be almost no one by default who would make space for you if you don’t show the urge to sit. If you choose to stand you’re actually not making a difference but if you really want something you will make space for yourself. It’s also true that if you know someone they will always make some space for you and those people are none other than your parents, family and friends and they will make sure you have a seat, but be sure to offer that seat to your younger ones and carry on that to your young ones after your elders and family members leave.