Ever went abroad with people who you haven’t met before? I suggest you should. This was my first trip out of the country and to be honest its one of the best experiences I have made in my life till now. I came to know people from Brazil, Ukraine, Serbia, Algeria India and Italy who had never met before. Its funny and strange at the same time how people bond together so fast. That happened to me as well. I made some really good friends, and bonded with them really well.

I was welcomed to Cairo, Egypt at the airport by an AISECer who was an Egyptian who greeted me with a lovely ‘Namaste’. He drove me to the Vodafone local store to get me a SIM Card and showed me the place where I would be living for the next 6 weeks. The guys had the house were working on an Andorid application and I quickly found myself involved in their work. In the very first day, I played FIFA with them and got to taste the amazing home made Koshari. Well it just felt like home since the first day.

With work only on 5 days in a week and chilling during the weekends in Feluka, shopping in Khan el Khalili, Mokattam, Tahrir Square and eating Egyptian Street food, spending time in Egypt was so easy that I couldn’t believe how 6 weeks passed away. I travelled to Alexandria and Dahab with my fellow AISECers and they made my time amazing. I visited the Pyramids in Giza, Alexandria’s Library, Red Sea in Dahab.

Overall Egypt is a wonderful place with wonderful people. Arabic is a very difficult language to be honest. People are very fond of Bollywood Music and its culture. They deeply follow the movies and the actors. Rich in its culture and ancient history, Egyipt stands high in these aspects far up than the rest of the countries. There’s a lot one can learn from these people. Here are some glimpses from the trip.

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