It’s one of those rare occasions when you take part in a coding competition and you end up in a situation where staying up nights and giving your hundred percent becomes a necessity because you are competing over Github with over 440+ participants over 13 different countries. The competition about which I am talking is #CodeHeat where I could never have imagined to see myself come out as one of the finalists with the quality and range of developers.

Well it all started in October when I started with my first pull request and had a tough time getting it merged since my commit messages weren’t upto the mark and I didn’t squash my commits properly. It’s very true that when you are working with 20 other people in a project you tend to learn a lot of new things and that was more important to me during this period. I was a rookie open source contributor before I took part in #CodeHeat and to be honest it showed me where I stood. Since that time I have only learned and pivoted towards writing more effecient and quality code rather than getting to workarounds.
#CodeHeat was a wonderful time, solving issues, reviewing issues and pull requests, implementing new ideas, we actually managed to develop an effective search service on the loklak API. And in return FOSSASIA provided us with a free stay and a $100USD coupon sponsoring our ticket to attend the annual FOSSASIA Summit in Singapore during the 17th-19th March. You can read about it more here at

A marvellous 3 day event was conducted with revolutionary talks from one of the best developers, tech enthusiasts and business personnels around the globe talking about technologies on AI, Machine Learning, Web, Open Source Projects and many more one could talk about. It was wonderful to interact with so many potential Engineers and Developers around the globe and to know what they work on. Nevertheless Singapore is an amazing place to be in and I got to meet a lot of wonderful people and make contacts with so many of them. I even took a session on Github which was out of the blue. Thanks to @hpdang.

Here are some of the glimpses from the Summit and from my trip.


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This is the swag collection from one day :)

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To view more photos visit this link. Thanks to @Comprock :)